And the truth finally comes out!

After what I heard tonight, it made me even more upset. I would be fine with just believing that no one really knows and it was just accident. Now I know better!

You can go on and on about how school should have been cancelled but likewise I am also guilty because I was going to Rock Valley. You can go on and on about speed but maybe that driver wasn’t going that fast? Even the smallest amount of speed t-boning my vehicle could have created that much damage. Sure I’m lucky that by some force of nature and God I made my way to the passenger side. If not my injuries could have been much worse or even death. And yes that is a fact!

But I have to learn to look past all this. If it weren’t for all my injuries I may have never learned about Salute Inc, Ed Edmundson, and Sherrie Mccann at RIC. Afterwards I may have not known about Wounded Warrior Project or Ride 2 Recovery.Most importantly I may never have been introduced to Steven Peace, Carl White, or anyone else I may have met in the paracycling world.

What I have now IS reality. All the injuries may have led me here but who really knows?Life is as precious as what we make of it. We can go on living by believing false thinkings or we can face the true reality. It’s your choice!

I have accomplished so much these past almost 9 years, traveled to other continents, raced on a trike, made great memories, got in better shape, educated myself more, AND found my place in the world. What more could I ask for?

I could go on and on about what my lifecould have been. Sure it may have been better but I may never know. What I do know is that I love what I am doing now and no one could ever change that!

US Army Military Police Veteran who was involved in a serious car accident 2/13/07 where I was tboned by a school bus. I would spend the next year doing intensive rehabilitation. After which I earned my AS Accounting, BS Accounting, and MS Forensic Accounting with Stellar GPA's! Recovery is never over and is an ongoing process. I just started a position at Greenlee- Textron and I love it so far!

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    It’s now even longer and once again I feel lost, lonely, and unwanted. When am I allowed to breathe?

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